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The sign up period for the Solarize Jamestown program has ended. We will no longer be accepting new inquiries at this time.

For more information about solar programs, incentives and guidelines in the State of Rhode Island, go to: http://www.energy.ri.gov/renewable-energy/solar/

If you would like to find out about other solar campaigns that are active in RI, click HERE

State Solar Incentive Programs – The Renewable Energy Fund (grants) administered by Commerce Rhode Island and the Renewable Energy Growth Program (tariffs) administered by National Grid are limited by available funding or kilowatt capacity that can be awarded each year to Rhode Island residents and businesses. These two solar programs are available on a first-come basis for qualifying projects. Participating in the Jamestown or Narragansett Solarize campaigns does not guarantee acceptance into the state solar incentive programs. For information about the State solar PV incentive programs go to: http://www.energy.ri.gov/policies-programs/programs-incentives/index.php

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September 17 2018 2:00 PM
Solarize Jamestown Sign Up Event at Philomenian Library

Our Testimonials

We are excited to welcome Jamestown as our 17th community to join the Solarize program,” said State Energy Commissioner Carol Grant. “With their rich history and culture, Jamestown residents are engaged, connected and environmentally conscious, which make them ideal candidates for adopting solar power. We look forward to working with town officials, neighbors and volunteers to make this program a success.
Carol Grant
- State Energy Commissioner , RI Office of Energy Resources
When other installers were focused on "selling" me solar panels, Newport Solar was focused on making sure I had all of the information I needed to make the decision that was right for me.  They were thorough, prompt and professional.  During installation they were clean, efficient, and only used my time when necessary.  After the installation Newport Solar continued to take care of me by answering any questions I asked right away.   My favorite thing about the solar array is my monitoring portal; I can see how much energy I have produced at any time right on my phone.  The solar installation also keeps me aware of when I use energy so that I think about conserving electricity as well.  Now, whenever I am driving around, I see solar everywhere!"
A happy Newport Solar customer in Jamestown
Doug Sabetti and Newport Solar are honest, hard-working, and operate at the highest level of integrity. We went solar because the economics made sense but also because it’s better for the environment. The system blends into our house and is working great.
Mary Hall Keen
- Jamestown Resident and Newport Solar customer


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Team Members

Karen Stewart

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Shauna Beland

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Lisa Bryer

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Tim Hill

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